Drunky Drunk Drunk

19 Jun

My coworker at Up Here Magazine, Tim Querengesser, did an article about the drinking lifestyle here in the North and it’s caused a bit of a backlash.

Here’s his article

Anyway, I was out with another friend the other day and I ran into a few bar-owners/managers all getting wasted on a Tuesday night. The conversation went something like this.

  • Bar Owner: “That Up Here Magazine article was sho shtupid. Dint even make shense. Whos this guy shinks he is – comin ‘ere tellin’ us we gots a drinkin’ problem in tha North?!”
  • Me (thinking): “Is this the definition of ironic?”

Anyway, aside from that we also ran a photo of someone having a good, responsible time with alcohol, friends and family and this person’s flipped out and is threatening to sue. She thinks people will think she’s a drunk. We probably should have captioned that photo better but we were only trying to show that, yes, there is a positive side to boozing.

Tim writes:

“Considering the hurt booze seems to cause to Behchoko, it seems uncouth to suggest alcohol is also a positive part of Northern life. But it’s kind of true. To understand why people drink, you first have to ask why they wouldn’t. It’s a question I find easy to answer. Truthfully, in the North, there are few reasons not to drink, especially during winter. Having moved North of Sixty three times, on each occasion I’ve found community in groups loosely connected through drinking. Arriving in Yellowknife in the summer of 2008 was the same. I immediately fell into the party circuit, making friends beside campfires while drinking beer.”


One Response to “Drunky Drunk Drunk”

  1. Sam Toman June 21, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

    Having a few pops with friends is a necessity North of Sixty. Guzzling a container of hairspray with your buddies on Tin Can Hill is where things get problematic.

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