Tanya Tagaq

29 Apr

Had a great time photographing Tanya Tagaq, throat-singer extraordinaire. If you haven’t heard of her, you obviously love Nickelback or don’t pay attention to the amazing music coming out of the North. Read more about Tanya here, here, here and here

Anyway, after scouting a few locations I finally settled on a small rock (baby peninsula) jutting into a still-frozen lake. Tanya, being the pro that she is, took it all in stride and did her own styling and makeup. She rocks. If you’ve been to one of Tanya’s shows but never met her, you’d think she was a fierce, emphatic ball of fury. She’s actually quite shy and super sweet. I was caught off guard because I wanted to photograph an intense Tanya but instead got some cool shots of the quiet and gentle Tanya. And to be honest, I like the quiet pictures better – the juxtaposition of an ethereal woman dressed in powerful way. It’s a visual contradiction that really works. Thanks for the awesome shoot T!  


One Response to “Tanya Tagaq”

  1. Shannon April 29, 2010 at 9:53 pm #

    Terrific images Pat! I love them!

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