Doing Shots at the Black Knight

19 May

Finally! A photo shoot that really makes my job worthwhile! This past weekend was our friend Steve the Bartender’s birthday.  If you don’t know who he is, you obviously haven’t ventured into the Black Knight Pub before. He’s this super-old guy that puts beer in glasses for a living. He essentially has one foot in the grave and is pretty irrelevant to society. Just kidding Steve! Seriously though, Steve is the best bartender at Yellowknife’s favourite pub. He tries to put on a tough face but he’s really just a huge pus…er…kitten. Anyone who knows him, loves him. 

The weekend before last, we did a staff photo session for Steve. His coworkers are his family and we thought it’d be nice to give him a few photos of his favourite people. We did one group shot and collection of individual photos. In the group picture, I wanted to get across this “Cheers” vibe that the BK has – it really is a place where everyone knows your name. The individual shots were different: Steve has about a million pet peeves, at least one for every person he meets, so we wanted to reenact “scenes” that piss off Steve. I mean, what better birthday gift than to frame a collage of things that irritate the hell out of the guy? Needless to say, Steve loved the gesture and the final poster. He promised to be nice to me for 3 weeks because of this. So on that note, I encourage everyone to go to the BK and order a beer from Steve and say “Isn’t Pat Kane the NICEST guy on the planet?” Please feel free to take notes.  

The Girls


The Boys


Jen Sneaking Shooters


Pat Free-Pouring Shots


Ashley Needing a Drink...Pronto!


Clayton Sizing Up a Shot


Francoise Spilling the Milk...Again


Stu Just Being Himself


Claire Telling Customers They Can Smoke but Telling Them No When Steve Looks 🙂


Tania Shaking Up a Martini When Steve's Away


Yours Truly Getting Wasted Behind the Bar...Mmmmmmoosehead!


The Gang


One Response to “Doing Shots at the Black Knight”

  1. Rachel June 17, 2010 at 2:12 am #

    I love the lighting in this one

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