Dad’s Visit to YK

24 Jun

I don’t often take photos of my family. Not sure why. I guess I always left that up to mom or maybe I just didn’t want to annoy them with a camera every minute. This past week tho, my dad – the now famous Leo Kane – came to Yellowknife for the first time. Needless to say, he had a blast. He loves YK and especially all the people he’s met. After not really pulling out my camera during his visit, I figured I should at least get some photos of him – I don’t have many and almost none from the last several years. Rob Carroll of Trinity Helicopters was kind enough to take us for a ride over the city, then we went to the Old Town Beer Barge, and finally, my buddy Jay and my girlfriend Heidi took him on a boat ride around Yellowknife Bay.

I wanted to go beyond the snapshot and get some documentary style photos on these 3 short trips. My goal was to tell a bit of story and capture the feeling of the experience. This, by the way, is great practice in photojournalism. I invite you to photograph your families as if you were doing a magazine or newspaper story. I wish I did this more often.

What I got were some great vignettes of my dad, my friends and Yellowknife. Thanks to everyone for making him feel at home – and thanks, Dad, for the wonderful visit. 

Dad - the famous Leo Kane



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