Photo Workshop – Aug 22

7 Jul

With: Dave Brosha, photographer extraordinaire,  and Yours Truly

When: Sunday, Aug 22 from 7:30am-8pm


A Photography Workshop with Pat Kane and Dave Brosha

Pat Kane is the staff professional for Up Here Magazine (recently named the top magazine in Canada) and has seen his dramatic photos of Canada’s north published in many publications, including Reader’s Digest, MacLean’s, The Globe and Mail, among several others. He specializes in photojournalism and editorial portraiture.

Dave Brosha – described as “the master of the environmental portrait” by Outdoor Photography Canada contributing editor, Darwin Wiggett – has had his work exhibited in numerous countries.  His published media credits include The Globe and Mail, CNN, the Toronto Star, Reader’s Digest, and The Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine.

When: Sunday, August 22nd 2010

Time: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM

Fee: $195+tax 

Description: This intensive, full-day workshop – designed for people who are well-versed with their camera but are looking to really bring their skills to a new level  – will see our group focus on what you need to do with your photography to create beautiful, publishable photos.

Meeting at 7:30 AM in the morning, we’ll first make introductions over coffee – in a relaxed setting – and discuss specific topics of interest to the group.  From there, we’ll dive into intense discussion and workshop break-out groups, with topics including:

Studio Lighting (lead by Dave Brosha) à  Dave operates a studio in downtown Yellowknife serving a diverse clientele; in this portion of the workshop he’ll discuss studio lighting and how it can be used to your advantage for both indoor and outdoor concepts.  Specific instruction will be given on the various lights and modifiers (softboxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas, etc) that make-up a typical studio, and how each can be used to your advantage.

Location and Speedlite Lighting (lead by Pat Kane) à  Pat has extensive experience in using off-camera flash systems to dramatically light his subjects; in this portion of the workshop, Pat will lead participants through the whole process of taking an idea or a subject and translating it to a powerful portrait.  This includes conceptualizing a portrait, location scouting, setting up lights effectively, and working with your subject to produce an image that’s reflective of the story you’re trying to tell through the image.

Assignment / Critique à  One of the most unique elements of this workshop is that participants will be able to apply the skills learned throughout the day and head out on an assignment to produce their own striking images.  There will be several models on hand throughout the workshop for the purposes of demonstration and that students can use in their own assignments.

After the assignment, and a break for dinner, participants will gather together for a post-critique and sharing session.  We want to see your great images!


This workshop will allow participants a lot of one-on-one time to allow for specific, individualized instruction, and will also allow participants to work with and discuss topics with other passionate photographers of all skill levels.  Both Pat and Dave are cross-experienced and will be able to assist participants through all sessions in the day.

Workshop participation is limited to 15 people on a first-come basis.  The fee must be paid in full at the time of reserving your spot (we accept debit/credit cards, cheques, and cash) and is non-refundable.  Please note that students get a 25% discount off the workshop price.

If you are interested in participating in this fun, engaging day of Yellowknife photography, please contact either Dave or Pat:

Pat Kane: or 445-3212

Dave Brosha: or 766-2500

Thanks, and we look forward to creating with you!


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