Shooting to Get Published

2 Sep

Copyright - Gilles Gallant. Assignment: "Photograph a visiting high profile photographer".

On August 22nd, me and Dave “Photoman About Town” Brosha held an advanced workshop that explored studio and speedlite (off camera) lighting techniques from the perspective of “shooting to get published”.

It was a very long but jam-packed day, and our participants went through a variety of modules and break-out sessions, ending off with a mock “magazine” assignment where participants had to conduct photoshoots (with our assortments of models) with the aim of taking interesting, well-composed photos that tell a story about the model’s made-up personas.  The quality of photos from participants was pretty amazing considering some had only basic knowledge of their camera functions going into the workshop. Needless to say, we and had a blast conducting it.

Here’s a sampling of photos from the day.  A special thanks to our star models for the day, which included Norm Glowach, Andrea Nilson, Nicole Krivan, Mindy Frost and Bethany Enge.

The photo above – taken during the day by Gilles Gallant – earned “shot of the day” from Dave and I.  Not only is it a great portrait of Bethany (who’s playing a “visiting photographer”), but the boat drifting by in the background is just a perfect touch. It goes beyond  being a well-lit, pretty picture: it tells a story of who she is and where she’s visiting. Well done, Gilles!

Norm Glowach (Photo: Sue Glowach)

Mindy Frost (Photo: Terry)

Nicole Krivan (Photo: Jerome Rondeau)

Norm Glowach (Photo: Sean Berry)

Bethany Enge (Photo: Pablo Saravanja)

Norm Glowach (Photo: Andrea Nilson)

Nicole Krivan (Photo: Alexander Legaree)

Mindy Frost (Photo: Mark Witola)

Norm Glowach (Photo: Geoff Fandrick)

Mindy Frost (Photo: Lauren McKeon)

Nicole Krivan (Photo: Daron Letts)

Norm Glowach (Photo: Nigel Fearon)

Nicole Krivan (Photo: Dave Brosha); demonstrating "clamshell" lighting

Bethany Enge (Photo: Pat Kane); demonstrating location speed-lighting


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