The Tight-Lipped Mr. McCrank

14 Dec

Let me introduce Neil McCrank, a man known around the North for his “McCrank Report” on the regulatory regime of the Northwest Territories. He has a pretty tough gig: he has to decipher a regulatory regime (which some argue is a maze of red tape, government regulations, committees, panels, lobbyists, etc) that has lead to confusion in the development and even protection of land. Mr. McCrank is the guy who advises Ottawa on how to streamline a process with so many groups at the table. Not an easy task.

Anyway, Mr. McCrank has occasionally been unfairly vilified as an outsider meddling in the NWT’s affairs. Some people don’t like him for that. But hey, this is his job and he’s qualified for it. I spent some time with him and I can say that he’s a completely nice and pleasant man. He’s very humble and understands that his job is an important one that can affect many people. He’s on our team.

I took these images for Up Here Business magazine. I wanted step away from the usual corporate photo printed in annual reports, just to give it more of an editorial look (its for a magazine after all and just as I’ve said at workshops in the past, for editorial photos your job is not to make the subject look pretty but to make the image look interesting). I think I got some good candid gestures and expressions here. Look for the story in our Feb 2011 issue of UHB.


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