The North’s Top Companies

20 Dec

The gang at Trinity Helicopters in their Yellowknife hangar.

Up Here Business recently announced this year’s list of Top Northern Employers. The list is made based on nominations from employees – those who feel that the place they work is the best around. I photographed the companies that were nominated in the NWT, all of which were from Yellowknife. The photos from the Yukon were shot by Whitehorse’s favourite, and incredibly talented, Cathie Archbould. You can see her work in the December issue of UHB. Thanks to everyone for nominating their company, especially the NWT’s Trinity Helicopters, SSI Micro and Avery, Cooper & Co. If you’d like to nominate your company, check back around Sept 2011 – we do this every year and its a great opportunity to tell everyone why your workplace is the best in North.

SSI Micro

Avery, Cooper & Co.


One Response to “The North’s Top Companies”

  1. Marc Witolla January 21, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Love the shot of the “Trinity” gang. It shows a great northern success and portrays a family like atmosphere. Having worked with most of the people in the picture you captured their essence perfectly, especially K.L.

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