Bison Hunt

21 Feb

Wood Bison, hunted at Moose Point Bay on Great Slave Lake

Last weekend, a group of us drove three hours south near Fort Providence, hopped on some snowmobiles and headed 45 km due east to hunt Bison. My friend, Dave Pin, had one of 15 bison hunting tags given to non-aboriginal NWT residents. Dave rounded up other friends, Bob Reid, Norm Byrne and Mickey Brown to help out on the hunt. After 2 days on the trail, the only signs of bison were a few wolf kills and some tracks. Luck would be on our side on the third day, where we finally spotted the massive creatures along the shores of Great Slave Lake, another 30 km east of camp. The bull fell with three shots and after four hours of quartering and gutting the animal, we headed back to camp, exhausted but thrilled. These photos were shot for Up Here Magazine – be sure to read the feature coming out in the October issue.

The Boys: Dave Pin, Bob Reid, Mickey Brown, Norm Byrne.


One Response to “Bison Hunt”

  1. Jeremy Reid February 22, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    Job well done boys! One less killer Bison on the loose!

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