A Harty Swarm of Mosquitos

16 May

Hart Shouldice and hundreds of photoshopped mosquitos.

The photo above is lying to you. Although the North is well-known for its mosquitos and blackflys, it is still too early in the season for swarms of bugs like this one. You can expect the bug jackets to come out sometime next month (and mosquitos in batches not unlike this)!

I convinced my good pal, Hart Shouldice, to do a magazine shoot for a story about Northern bugs. I needed a dirt-bagging hoser for this and he pretty much fit the bill, as you can see. The idea was simple: get some photos of Hart in a bug jacket and recreate the stages of dealing with mosquitos: shock, denial, anger and acceptance. Pretty safe to say that Hart is coming to terms with Mosquito Nation here.

Since there really wasn’t thousands of bugs flying around his head, I had to do some post-production work to photoshop all those guys around Hart. Three hours of staring at Hart’s dreamboat face was pure bliss.

Below is a before and after look at the shot. Other than including the bugs, no major photoshoppery was involved, just some minor tweaks to boost the contrast. For anyone wondering how I lit this, check out the photo of my awesome assistant Sarah. She’s holding up my super high tech light-stand which includes a Nikon SB-800 speedlite shot through a broken umbrella, proving once again that you don’t need a zillion dollars worth of gear to pull off a good photo, just a few key gadgets and some good buds.

*PHOTO WORKSHOP COMING: I’ll be teaming up with friend, colleague and photog extraordinaire, Dave Brosha, for a workshop in the coming months. We will let you know the details in a future blog post, if you or anyone you know are interested in attending.

RAW File and PS File

Sarah and Hart


One Response to “A Harty Swarm of Mosquitos”

  1. Adrian Bell May 26, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    A couple of those bugs look like tiny ravens or birds of prey, which is super-creepy. One looks like a tiny fighter jet, which is awesome.

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