Alex Debogorski

31 May

Alex Debogorski, the original ice road trucker.

I’m going to guess this post will receive lots of hits from way down in the southern U.S. Thanks for joining us.

Alex Debogorski – The Original Ice Road Trucker – is a star on the History Channel’s reality TV show, Ice Road Trucker’s, which is a huge success in The States.

This past winter, Alex did a two-month American tour promoting his new book King of the Road. Two of my close buddies, Loren McGinnis and Jay Bulckaert traveled alongside Alex to shoot a documentary about the trip which is now in post-production. Jay blogged about the adventure for Vice magazine and Loren is writing a story about the experience for Up Here.

Below are a few out-takes from the shoot. You’d think that someone as busy as Alex wouldn’t have much time or patience for camera posing, but he was anything but. You can tell that he’s used to having a camera in his face. It also helped that I brought my hot girlfriend along to keep things fun and lighthearted. Thanks to Alex, Loren and Heidi for helping pull this off. And be sure to read Loren’s epic adventure of life on the road, endless truck stop buffets, and hanging out with lot lizards in Up Here’s July issue.

Loren and Alex on the road.

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