Jay Bulckaert

26 Jun

Jay Bulckaert, filmmaker extraordinaire.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have so many close friends, all of which I consider family. Jay Bulckaert is one of my brothers.

Jay is a noted filmmaker who spent much of his youth getting into shit in Toulouse, France before heading back to Ontario to study film at The University of Western Ontario and Sheridan College. He later went to Montreal to work on some bigger-budget music videos and commercial projects. He fell in love with his girl, Erika, chased her to Yellowknife, set up shop, got hitched, and now he’s part of most film projects across the North. His company Collective 9 fuses indie-inspired aesthetics with original storylines, which is a welcome alternative to all the middle-of-the-road, over-hyped, over-produced videography out there.

All that said, it’s always fun photographing my friends. These shots were done for Project Yellowknifer. Jay was open to just about any idea as long as it didn’t include nude photos on a bear skin rug. For this shoot, I wanted to do two kinds of shots: the first being simple but cool-looking portraits of Jay. The second would be a caricature of Jay as a stereotypical pompous dickhead (which is clearly the opposite of Jay’s personality). This was a fun shoot – even if our friend Lesley Johnson walked in and saw me photographing Jay sitting in a chair and looking like a total creep. Awkward.

Anyway, hope you like these.

The artiste currently known as Jay.

2 Responses to “Jay Bulckaert”

  1. Megan June 27, 2011 at 3:45 am #

    What if WE were hoping for some bearskin photos? 🙂

  2. Pablo Saravanja June 28, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    What an awesome shoot. Well done, boyz!

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