FOTR 2011

22 Jul

One of the many festival-goers to sign the FOTR guest book.

FOTR asked me and Pablo Saravanja (Artless Media) to document the festival again this year. We approached the board with a different spin: this year, in addition to photography we would add videos shot by students and mentors in collaboration with Frozen Eyes Photo Society and Western Arctic Moving Pictures. I encourage you to check out their work.

The idea was to make FOTR a kind of workshop where professional photographers and videographers team up with college and high-school kids, providing guidance, insight and encouragement in media arts. It worked out way better than expected – the students totally excelled and proved that Yellowknife is rich with up and coming talent. I’d like to thank all of the mentors and students who helped make this year’s FOTR a success. You guys are awesome!

Photo Mentors: Angela GzowskiJames MackenzieMichael Ericsson, Douglas R. Witt and Carmelita Allen.

Photo Students: Sam Hefford, Hanna Wilson, Mikaela Smith, Keving Klingbeil and Talina Makaro.

Below is a quick edit of the photos I shot for the festival – I’ll be uploading mentor and student photos to the FOTR flickr page over the next week. Enjoy!








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