Wiseguy Foods

13 Sep

Robin Wasicuna: He'll Give You a Knuckle Sandwich.

So there’s this back-alley food trailer in YK serving up smorgasbord of flavourful delicialities that are so offensively good they just might punch your big mouth off your tiny face. Welcome to Wiseguy Foods, owned and operated by Robin Wasicuna, his wife Karen and daughter Gabbi. Wiseguy’s credo is simple: go big or go home. How big? Ever eat a cheeseburger the size of an inflated whoopie cushion? A cheeseburger the size of an inflated whoppie cushion that uses two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns? I didn’t think so, Guido. There’s so much more on the menu that you have to go check it out for yourself. It’s located behind the ARCC (Artist Run Community Center) on 49th St. If you don’t know where the ARCC is, just ask any hippie and they’ll show you the way.

Oh, these shots were done for Up Here Business mag’s October issue, so pick up a copy to read more about Wiseguy Foods. Peace out, jabronies.

The Infamous "I Haz Cheezeburger"



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