Yellowknife From Above

21 Sep

Yellowknife, facing south from N'Dilo, Latham Island

Not gonna lie, I get to do some cool shit once in a while. Yesterday I phoned up up my friend Rob Carroll who owns Trinity Helicopters, based out of Yellowknife, and asked if we could do a quick tour of town before the snow hits. What I love about YK is anytime you need a favour, people are more than willing to help. Where else can you request a chopper ride and be in the air an hour later?

For those of you who’ve never seen Yellowknife from the air, here are some shots. It’s pretty beautiful, especially this time of year when the landscape is painted golden yellow and orange. Special thanks to Trinity for this – and especially Brent, our pilot – for a smooth ride in pretty windy conditions. Well, enjoy the pics!


One Response to “Yellowknife From Above”

  1. fiesty2u October 7, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    I always love your posts Pat! I love the North so much and because I can’t get up there I love reading your posts because they always make me feel connected. Great work!

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