Mark Carney, the World’s Banker

3 Nov

Mark Carney, B.O.C. leader to be named head of the international Financial Stability Board

Mark Carney has received more international attention in the last six months than any other banker alive. He’s been praised for keeping Canada out of financial ruin and is now spreading his gospel of fiscal responsibility to leaders around the globe. What’s more, people are listening. He is expected to be named head of the Financial Stability Board – the international watchdog and policy maker on world finances, so the earth doesn’t go to hell – as early as this weekend.

Not bad for a guy from Fort Smith. Ya, that’s right…Carney is a Fort Smithereen (Fort Smither? Fort Smithite? Fort Smitheon?) Whatever, he’s from “the almost capital of the Northwest Territories”.

I photographed Mr. Carney in 2010 for Up Here Business. Then editor, Mike Ganley did a short interview with him while I shot some pics. After the interview his handlers gave me a generous 10 SECONDS (!) to get a portrait of him. I’m not kidding, some PR cheesecake was literally counting down from ten as I took the photo above. Anyway, it worked out – and Mr. Carney thanked me, walked toward his handler and whispered to him afterwards “Relax, we’re in the North. Don’t be so pushy.”

Mark Carney – the voice of reason among the idiots.


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