Richard Van Camp

28 Nov

Richard Van Camp, Up Here's 2011 Northerner of the Year

Tlicho author, Richard Van Camp, has been named 2011 Northerner of the Year by Up Here Magazine. I photographed Richard for the story penned by another amazing writer, Katherine Laidlaw. She did a great job on this profile.  Katherine describes Richard as an “energy drink” and that spending time with him is a bit like “running through a funhouse, with a a trillion projects fading in and out of focus, talk hopping from comic books to short stories to radio plays and back.”

Van Camp will probably admit that on the surface, he’s a very silly and goofy guy, but his more serious work is anything but: it is dark, gritty – but still very funny – and speaks about the North without much of that romantic postcard sensibility most Canadians think about the place. Which is why his most noted short story, The Lesser Blessed, is slated to be a major motion picture and currently in the works. To read the full article, pick up a copy of the December issue of Up Here.



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