Robyn Burns, Arctic Explorer

20 Dec

Robyn Burns, Arctic Explorer

I went to Resolute Bay, Nunavut a few years ago and I couldn’t help but notice all the inept “Polar Explorers” (read: rich British folks with nothing better to do) trying to reach the North Pole by skis. As they disembarked into the vast frozen polar hellscape, most of them fell or blew over in the wind after a few strides. “Someone’s going to die,” I thought. I mean, I ski like an Olympic biathlete in comparison. Which got all of us at Up Here Magazine thinking: “How many visitors head North ill-prepared and bumble around our Northern communities?” Ever been to the Geoscience Forum? Turns out the answer is “Shit-loads”.

So, in our January issue we’re doing a feature for all those would-be travelers to the North. It’s a bit of advice – most of it common sense – on what to expect (cold) and what not to expect (Starbucks, unless you’re going to posh Whitehorse) for all you goofy Outsiders!

Robyn Burns – CBC North reporter and producer – stepped in to play our Newbie Southerner for this series. As you can see, she pulled it off brilliantly! Thanks Robyn for lending your facial expressions and haute fashion sense to pull this off. Feel free to pick up our Jan/Feb issue coming out next week to see these pics in print and to read about the Do’s and Don’t’s of visiting North of 60.

And a very Merry Chistmakwanzukkah everyone!


One Response to “Robyn Burns, Arctic Explorer”

  1. Morgan Hordal December 23, 2011 at 4:06 am #

    I love these! Robyn is a friend of mine and you’re right – she did pull this off brilliantly! The last one is priceless. đŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see the entire feature!

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