Ringing In The New Year

10 Jan

Ring designed by Jamie Look and Vanessa Temple.

On December 27th, 2011 I proposed to my beautiful and super cool girlfriend of three years, Heidi Raulin. We’ll be getting married this summer, here in Yellowknife, the city where we first met over 6 years ago.

Because the North is such a big part of our lives, I wanted to get her an engagement ring that is uniquely Northern and totally original. Enter Jamie Look, Yellowknife jeweler and a dear friend of ours. Jamie is known for her avant garde style using sculpted bone and metalworks techniques. Her beautiful work is displayed in galleries across the North and she was handpicked to represent the Northwest Territories as a visual artist and cultural ambassador at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Me and Jamie got together back in late August to come up with a plan for the ring. We brainstormed a few ideas and came up with a design that would combine the bone of a Northern animal with sterling silver. We wanted something strong in shape and colour. Believe it or not, but we wanted to avoid diamonds at first – Heidi works at a diamond mine and sees those things all the time. I guess it’d be like working at McDonald’s and getting a hamburger one morning as breakfast in bed? Anyhoo, we thought if we were going to do diamonds that they would be accent pieces to a nice blue stone, like Topaz, the stone for December. And since I’d be proposing in December it kinda made sense.

And here’s the ring. Absolutely stunning work by Jamie and Vanessa Temple, her coworker on this piece. The band and setting is made of sterling silver, designed to look organic and unique from all perspectives. The black part is bison horn with the topaz stone and two diamond accents set into it (since the only diamonds mined in North America come from the NWT, it only made sense to include them).

I want to thank Jamie and Vanessa for all of their hard work and creativity in designing this ring and making it come to life. It is truly special to us both. You did an incredible job.

And to Heidi: I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Our best years are ahead of us. I love you angel. xoxo


3 Responses to “Ringing In The New Year”

  1. Rachel January 10, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    This is SO beautiful! Great job Jamie and Vanessa! (and Pat) 🙂

  2. jasmine January 10, 2012 at 7:21 pm #

    #1 Love and creativity
    #2 Keepin it local
    #3 AMAZING end result!

    You just scored some serious points my fine funky friend. 8D

  3. Cheryl Morin January 10, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

    Such a gorgeous ring! Can’t wait to meet you Pat:)

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