21 Feb

Master of Ceremonies, Heidi Raulin, as Ursula Von Icebergs

The second annual Brrrlesque show takes place this weekend here in Yellowknife and the town is a buzzin’. Last year’s show was such a hit that this year’s sold out in seven minutes! It is especially cool to see a burlesque revival taking place here in the North, and you can expect it to be like the shows of yesteryear: full of parody, comedy, music, dance, and of course, hot chicks. I’m personally looking forward to it and proud of all the hard work these ladies have put into this. And on that note, I present to you the stars of the show, the women of Brrrlesque!

Amber George as Lemon Locks

Jill Peterson as Ginger Demure

Jessica Florio as Luscious Lynxie

Andrea Edmunds as GG Delicia

Lulu and Lolah Spanx

Erika Nyyssonen as Gracey Finass

Mardel Johnson as Belle Gin Fizz

Becky Davis as Lily Mae Dawgwood

Aingeal Stone as LuLa Sivious

Anne Marie Guedon as Amaryllis Lafleur

Margaret Bell as Sassparilla Honeypotts

Mary Tapsell as Ivonna MacDeluv

Meta Antolin as Cyn Isterwich

Sara Murphy as Lady Labrador

Sarah Elsasser as Eva Knievel

Tara Newbigging as Onyx Fire

Kate Witherly as Kiki Kincaid

Kayla Cooper as Katerina Almaz

Kimberley Galbaransingh as Handsy Coppafeel

Paco Greau as Manzelle Olila Folie

Kelly Merilees-Keppel as Mistress Sparkles Bandersnatch

Nicole Garbutt as Lucy Caboose

Michelle Hannah as Inés Capable

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