10 Apr

Amelia Childs as "Amelia".

I was pretty pretty pumped when Yellowknife filmmaker, Andrew Silke, asked me to do some promo work for his latest project “Amelia”. I heard about this dark, creepy drama from some of the cast and crew who worked on the short film last year and were very impressed with the quality of both the script and production. The story centers around a young mother suffering from post-partum depression after their second child is born, and senses her 10-year old daughter Amelia may be tormenting the newborn. The film stars Jessica Young, Jay Bulckaert, and coincidently, Amelia Childs as Amelia (who was cast after Andrew already wrote the screenplay and named all of the characters).

But probably the best part of this film is that is a 100% Yellowknife production proving once again that we have some serious talent way up here. Thanks to Andrew for inviting me to be part of this. Keep you eyes peeled for the official posters popping up around town in the next little while. And of course, get out and see “Amelia” it when it releases.



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