Reneltta Arluk

27 Sep

Reneltta Arluk, actor, writer, producer, director and all around cool chick.

Meet Reneltta Arluk. She’s an all-star in what we nerds call “the arts”. She’s also way tougher than us, seeing as though she grew up in the bush near Fort Smith, raised by her grandmother and knows how to kill food. Rene’s a good friend of mine and is admired by those who only know her through her work. She’s a prolific artist and a great spokesperson for the North. Recently Rene’s been featured in both Above & Beyond and Up Here magazines. She’s also just published her first book of poetry called “Thoughts and Other Human Tendencies”, acted in her first feature film, “Maina”, due out next year, worked with Innu youth in Sheshatshui, Labrador and is headed to ImagiNative and then to Ottawa’s National Arts Centre to take part in Northern Scene. Long story short, she makes all the rest of us “creatives” in the North look like chumps. Please keep your eye out for Rene – she kicks ass and will no doubt continue doing mind-blowing things. Here’s a couple pics I took of her a few weeks ago…I like the last one best I think.

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