Mayor Mark Heyck

14 May
Mark Heyck, Yellowknife Mayor

Mark Heyck, Yellowknife Mayor

Meet Mark Heyck, Yellowknife’s mayor. Mark has replaced retired mayor, Gord Van Tighem, who I photographed and blogged about here last summer. These photos were done on a very chilly April morning just outside of City Hall. And in typical Mark Heyck fashion, he was gracious and pleasant and cool as a cucumber during the shoot, despite the biting wind and below normal temps.

Mark is the head of a rather young City council, many of which are first-timers. He’s has been on council for several years now and served as Deputy Mayor under Van Tighem. Leading a young council in a small city would often lead to more challenging times than not, but Heyck is taking it all in stride, guiding discussion, managing issues and taking note of resident’s concerns. He’s also helping change the face of the City by appearing at – and really supporting – community events. It’s those small details that bridge the gap between City Hall and Citizen, and he’s doing a pretty plum job at that. Not to mention, he’s a super nice guy.



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