Our Yellowknife: Anna Pontin

5 Jun

Anna PontinClick image to see full screen

So, I’m pretty excited to reveal a campaign I’ve been working on with The City of Yellowknife called Our Yellowknife. Over the next few months a series of promotional ads celebrating the unsung heroes and do-gooders of YK will appear in both print and online media around town, and possibly, across the country.

The reason? YK is a beautiful city in an incredible part of Canada, but we tend to focus strictly on the landscapes and wildlife of the place when promoting ourselves. To anyone who comes North, it might be the natural beauty that brings them here, but it is ultimately the people they meet that make a lasting impression (at least in my experience that’s been the case). So, why not showcase the people who call it home and what they do to make Yellowknife Canada’s best city?

Here is the launch ad in the series featuring 4th grader, Anna Pontin, a cool young lady who is helping raise money, musical instruments and clothing for the YK Day Shelter. Anna is a total rock star and deserves all the praise in the world for taking the initiative to help people who need it most.

This is the first large campaign that I’ve been part of since going freelance less than a year ago. I’m doubly proud of this project because the idea was developed, pitched and produced entirely by Pat Kane Photo: the photography, the interviews, the writing and the design. It’s been a fun experience and I’m also meeting some really great citizens in the process!

A big shout-out needs to go to the communications team at The City of Yellowknife for taking a chance on this idea. They are doing a great job promoting Yellowknife and its residents, whether its through print ad campaigns like this or video campaigns like this, from my buddies over at Artless Collective. Keep an eye out for more profiles of YKers who are doing great things for Our Yellowknife. Who knows, you might be featured next!


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