“On The Line” in Canadian Geographic

26 Sep
Opening spread to "On the Line", Canadian Geographic Oct 2013.

Opening spread to “On the Line”, Canadian Geographic Oct 2013.

Canadian Geographic has picked up my photo story about Colville Lake’s trappers in the latest issue of the magazine (October 2013). I’m pleased that they’re sharing with their readers a way of life that many Canadians might not know still exists. And while this story might make a few readers gasp and protest, I applaud the staff at Can Geo for showcasing NWT trapping as it really is in Colville Lake: a traditional lifestyle, an economy for a small population in a remote part of the country, and a way of keeping cultural values relevant for their young people.

This is my first photo essay for Canadian Geographic. Special thanks to photo editor, Laura Stanley, and to staff writer, Michela Rosano, for bringing this story to life and being so enthusiastic to help share it with their readers. An especially big shout-out goes to Francois Rossouw and Marti Lys for letting me tag along with them – in my opinion, all levels of government should follow their lead and hire photographers, videographers and artists to document Northern life in such a rapidly changing world. Most importantly, thanks to the trappers and the people of Colville Lake for inviting me into your homes and sharing your life and culture with all of us.

You can click the images to see the pages larger, but if you get a chance, pick up the October issue of Canadian Geographic. There is also an accompanying online gallery, which you can see here.


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