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Nadine + Geoffrey

21 Dec
Nadine & Geoffrey on the beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

Nadine & Geoffrey on the beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos.

My wife and I just returned from photographing a beautiful destination wedding in Turks & Caicos, a small group of islands in the Caribbean between Cuba and Haiti. This was a huge change of scenery since most of my work is done in the Arctic, but I’m not complaining! And who would? T&C has been said to have the best beaches on earth: aquamarine blue water, powdery white sand and an endless supply of rum-punch. It was heaven, especially coming from the deep freeze of a -40 winter.

Thanks to Nadine and Geoffrey for having us along, we had a blast! More than that, we came away making some great friends from Newfoundland, Manitoba, Alberta and the NWT. I felt like such a part of the family that at one point, I waded into a pool in my gitch just to take a photo of the whole gang! Thanks again guys – I hope you enjoy the photos for a very long time!

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Lachlan, Bryce & Megan

16 Sep
Lachlan, Megan and Bryce in Yellowknife.

Lachlan, Megan and Bryce in Yellowknife.

Had a great family shoot the other day with my friends Megan and Bryce, and their son, Lachlan. It was a fun couple of hours starting in Yellowknife’s Woodyard neighborhood, then we headed downtown and finally Sambaa K’e Park. One of the best parts of this was taking some pics on Range Street in Yellowknife’s gritty downtown. Bryce wanted a few photos that were “a bit more rock ‘n’ roll” than the average Sears photos. Amen to that. Below are a few pics from our little walk – hope you enjoy!

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Deb & Mark

7 Aug
Mr. and Mrs. Feldberg in Jasper, Alberta.

Mr. and Mrs. Feldberg in Jasper, Alberta.

When Mark and Deb asked me to photograph their wedding for them, I was more than honoured to do so. The wedding took place in Jasper, Alberta, tucked in among the Rocky Mountains, where Mark and Deb first met. While me and Mark go back a few years now, I had the pleasure of meeting Deb on this assignment. It was so great spending time with her and her family and friends. There were also a few familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while so it was just as good to catch up with them too. All in all, it was a great day with lots of laughs, lots of special moments and lots of love. To Deb and Mark: thanks for having me along to share in your special day, I had a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy these memories. Wishing you all the best in the years ahead.

_DSC1528 _DSC1536 _DSC1595 _DSC1598 _DSC1677 _DSC1713 _DSC1729 _DSC1770 _DSC1790 _DSC1812 _DSC1827 _DSC1836 _DSC1839 _DSC1841 _DSC1845 _DSC1850 _DSC1862 _DSC1872 _DSC1888 _DSC1901 _DSC1915 _DSC1934 _DSC1958 _DSC1962 _DSC1985 _DSC2022 _DSC2032 _DSC2040 _DSC2055 _DSC2070 _DSC2097 _DSC2101 _DSC2111 _DSC2124 _DSC2137 _DSC2143 _DSC2160 _DSC2193 _DSC2205 _DSC2210 _DSC2223 _DSC2259 _DSC2286 _DSC2301 _DSC2313 _DSC2323 _DSC2324 _DSC2325 _DSC2330 _DSC2331 _DSC2337 _DSC2344 _DSC2359 _DSC2368 _DSC2387 _DSC2408 _DSC2423 _DSC2438 _DSC2480 _DSC2510 _DSC2519 _DSC2532 _DSC2558 _DSC2570 _DSC2582 _DSC2623 _DSC2636 _DSC2645 _DSC2657 _DSC2695 _DSC2726 _DSC2745 _DSC2757 _DSC2792 _DSC2805 _DSC2849 _DSC2878  _DSC2941 _DSC2970 _DSC2975 _DSC3005_DSC2933 _DSC3018 _DSC3021 _DSC3026 _DSC3034 _DSC3040 _DSC3047 _DSC3050_DSC3056


4 Apr
Susan looking great!

Susan looking great!

I don’t get too many calls for maternity shoots but just this week I had a couple requests. Well, to answer your question: I do! It’s probably because I’m not the best self-promoter in the world but maybe I should make this more of a priority in the future. Anyway, here’s some shots I did of my friend Susan at the end of another shoot I was doing a few months ago. How awesome does she look!?!? She’s due anytime now and I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband, Byron. All the best to both of you and the latest addition to the family!




18 Oct


This is Onion, the cutest little Brussels Griffon on the face of the earth. What else can I say? You are probably going “Awwwwwww! Wook at this wittle guy!” I’ll shut up and let you look at the pics now.

Andrea, Mike & Family

10 Oct

Andrea, Mike, Sadie & Joliffe – click image to see larger version of photo.

I did a family shoot a couple weeks ago of my friends Mike and Andrea and their children. They are a very cool little family and live just outside of town. Mike brews his own beer made from birch syrup. I keep telling him to start selling it because, well, it is awesome! We had a good couple hours together shooting in and around their rustic yard. This shot reminds me of a throwback to those family snapshots from the 70’s. To me, it is very much a representation of who they are: simple, good-hearted people offering a unique childhood for their kids. Thanks for the great day guys – hope you like the photos!

Lori & Stephen

3 Sep

Lori & Stephen, near Yellowknife

My friends, Lori and Stephen, asked me to photograph their wedding and I was pretty honoured they did. It was a small, intimate, last-minute wedding – very simple, yet very “Yellowknife”: head out on a boat just off the shore of Yellowknife Bay, then off to dinner at Le Frolic, and cap the night with Stephen’s band 3 Across Dee Eye (and of course, keep the drinks flowing!) I really had a great time with some awesome company. Here’s a few photos from the day – a stunning September 1st here in The Great White North. Thanks to everyone, especially the bride and groom, for having me on board. Congratulations and cheers to both of you!

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