Deb & Mark

7 Aug
Mr. and Mrs. Feldberg in Jasper, Alberta.

Mr. and Mrs. Feldberg in Jasper, Alberta.

When Mark and Deb asked me to photograph their wedding for them, I was more than honoured to do so. The wedding took place in Jasper, Alberta, tucked in among the Rocky Mountains, where Mark and Deb first met. While me and Mark go back a few years now, I had the pleasure of meeting Deb on this assignment. It was so great spending time with her and her family and friends. There were also a few familiar faces I hadn’t seen in a while so it was just as good to catch up with them too. All in all, it was a great day with lots of laughs, lots of special moments and lots of love. To Deb and Mark: thanks for having me along to share in your special day, I had a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy these memories. Wishing you all the best in the years ahead.

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Folk on the Rocks 2013

26 Jul
Hey Ocean! performs at FOTR 2013

Hey Ocean! performs at FOTR 2013

Another great Folk on the Rocks festival! Good music, good friends, good fun. This was my 4th year as official photographer for FOTR and as always, it was a blast, especially working with my buds Pablo and Jay of Artless Collective who were shooting video. Thanks to Penny, Pearl, Keith, Dave, Courtney and all the volunteers and board members who make this happen. Below are some memories to enjoy. Until next time!

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Light! On the Land!

13 Jul


The Fishin' Technician at the Mirage Islands, Great Slave Lake.

The Fishin’ Technician at the Mirage Islands, Great Slave Lake.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, whether you specialize in family, wedding, corporate, commercial or editorial photography, there will come a time when you’ll want to incorporate studio strobe or off-camera flash into your repertoire. In Light! On the Land! I will walk you through some of the basics of location lighting, discuss the unique challenges location lighting brings, and then offer some problem solving insight to help you create dynamic images that really pop. With the help of some great models and interesting outdoor locations in Yellowknife, you will be asked to produce a series of portraits that showcase your unique style and creative vision. These “in the field” assignments, coupled with group-based edits will take you from concept to final image in a fun, supportive, team oriented atmosphere.

If you are interested in participating in this engaging day of Yellowknife photography, please contact me at:

WHEN: Sunday, August 11, 2013

HOURS: 5-9pm

COST: $125 + gst (a $50 non-refundable deposit is required for your reservation. Deposit will be deducted from total purchase price at workshop).


DESCRIPTION: This workshop – designed for people who are well-versed with their camera but are looking to really bring their lighting skills to a new level  – will see our group focus on creating stunning location portraits using studio strobes, speedlites, various light modifiers, and with the assistance of some experienced models.

Pat has extensive experience in using both studio and off-camera flash systems to dramatically light his subjects in engaging ways; in this portion of the workshop, Pat will lead participants through the whole process of taking an idea or a subject and translating it to a powerful portrait.  This includes conceptualizing a portrait, location scouting, setting up lights effectively, and working with your subject to produce an image that’s reflective of the story you’re trying to tell through the image.

ASSIGNMENT/CRITIQUE:  One of the most unique elements of this workshop is that participants will be able to apply their skills and head out on an assignment to produce their own striking images.  There will be several models on hand throughout the workshop for the purposes of demonstration and that students can use in their own assignments.

After the assignment participants will gather together for a post-critique and sharing session.  We want to see your great images!




To see more of my work, please visit my website:

Pat Kane Photo for Alberta Venture Magazine

12 Jul


A photo I took of Allan Adam, chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, was published in this month’s issue (July 2013) of Alberta Venture magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Alberta. I first photographed Allan Adam in 2009 and again just last month. He’s not really one for the camera but he always is generous with his time.

Our Yellowknife: Anna Pontin

5 Jun

Anna PontinClick image to see full screen

So, I’m pretty excited to reveal a campaign I’ve been working on with The City of Yellowknife called Our Yellowknife. Over the next few months a series of promotional ads celebrating the unsung heroes and do-gooders of YK will appear in both print and online media around town, and possibly, across the country.

The reason? YK is a beautiful city in an incredible part of Canada, but we tend to focus strictly on the landscapes and wildlife of the place when promoting ourselves. To anyone who comes North, it might be the natural beauty that brings them here, but it is ultimately the people they meet that make a lasting impression (at least in my experience that’s been the case). So, why not showcase the people who call it home and what they do to make Yellowknife Canada’s best city?

Here is the launch ad in the series featuring 4th grader, Anna Pontin, a cool young lady who is helping raise money, musical instruments and clothing for the YK Day Shelter. Anna is a total rock star and deserves all the praise in the world for taking the initiative to help people who need it most.

This is the first large campaign that I’ve been part of since going freelance less than a year ago. I’m doubly proud of this project because the idea was developed, pitched and produced entirely by Pat Kane Photo: the photography, the interviews, the writing and the design. It’s been a fun experience and I’m also meeting some really great citizens in the process!

A big shout-out needs to go to the communications team at The City of Yellowknife for taking a chance on this idea. They are doing a great job promoting Yellowknife and its residents, whether its through print ad campaigns like this or video campaigns like this, from my buddies over at Artless Collective. Keep an eye out for more profiles of YKers who are doing great things for Our Yellowknife. Who knows, you might be featured next!

Mayor Mark Heyck

14 May
Mark Heyck, Yellowknife Mayor

Mark Heyck, Yellowknife Mayor

Meet Mark Heyck, Yellowknife’s mayor. Mark has replaced retired mayor, Gord Van Tighem, who I photographed and blogged about here last summer. These photos were done on a very chilly April morning just outside of City Hall. And in typical Mark Heyck fashion, he was gracious and pleasant and cool as a cucumber during the shoot, despite the biting wind and below normal temps.

Mark is the head of a rather young City council, many of which are first-timers. He’s has been on council for several years now and served as Deputy Mayor under Van Tighem. Leading a young council in a small city would often lead to more challenging times than not, but Heyck is taking it all in stride, guiding discussion, managing issues and taking note of resident’s concerns. He’s also helping change the face of the City by appearing at – and really supporting – community events. It’s those small details that bridge the gap between City Hall and Citizen, and he’s doing a pretty plum job at that. Not to mention, he’s a super nice guy.


Peter Rice, Summit Helicopters

7 May
Peter Rice at the Summit Helicopters hangar.

Peter Rice at the Summit Helicopters hangar.

Here’s a couple shots I took of Peter Rice, one of the great employees at Summit Helicopters (formerly Trinity Helicopters). Peter is being featured in a helicopter magazine – and I actually think it is called Helicopter Magazine, funnily enough – as a “Top 40 under 40”. I’m still not sure if the folks at the publishing place even got these photos because Dropbox and FTP sites seem to be the most complicated way of transferring photos on the planet! Anyway, I hope these pics are published in the magazine because Pete deserves it. He’s a hard working guy who gets along with everyone and gets things done. Congrats on being named Top 40 Under 40 in your field of work!


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