18 Oct


This is Onion, the cutest little Brussels Griffon on the face of the earth. What else can I say? You are probably going “Awwwwwww! Wook at this wittle guy!” I’ll shut up and let you look at the pics now.

Andrea, Mike & Family

10 Oct

Andrea, Mike, Sadie & Joliffe – click image to see larger version of photo.

I did a family shoot a couple weeks ago of my friends Mike and Andrea and their children. They are a very cool little family and live just outside of town. Mike brews his own beer made from birch syrup. I keep telling him to start selling it because, well, it is awesome! We had a good couple hours together shooting in and around their rustic yard. This shot reminds me of a throwback to those family snapshots from the 70’s. To me, it is very much a representation of who they are: simple, good-hearted people offering a unique childhood for their kids. Thanks for the great day guys – hope you like the photos!

Reneltta Arluk

27 Sep

Reneltta Arluk, actor, writer, producer, director and all around cool chick.

Meet Reneltta Arluk. She’s an all-star in what we nerds call “the arts”. She’s also way tougher than us, seeing as though she grew up in the bush near Fort Smith, raised by her grandmother and knows how to kill food. Rene’s a good friend of mine and is admired by those who only know her through her work. She’s a prolific artist and a great spokesperson for the North. Recently Rene’s been featured in both Above & Beyond and Up Here magazines. She’s also just published her first book of poetry called “Thoughts and Other Human Tendencies”, acted in her first feature film, “Maina”, due out next year, worked with Innu youth in Sheshatshui, Labrador and is headed to ImagiNative and then to Ottawa’s National Arts Centre to take part in Northern Scene. Long story short, she makes all the rest of us “creatives” in the North look like chumps. Please keep your eye out for Rene – she kicks ass and will no doubt continue doing mind-blowing things. Here’s a couple pics I took of her a few weeks ago…I like the last one best I think.

Yellowknife to Dawson City and Back Again

17 Sep

The Dempster Highway, Yukon.

Most people wouldn’t consider driving across Northern Canada for their honeymoon, but me and my wife (and most Northerners I know) aren’t like most people. For 12 days, we drove more than 5,000 kms across 2 territories and 1 province. Along the way we saw caribou, moose and sheep, camped in scenic campgrounds, shopped in quirky stores, visited good friends and meandered through some of the most stunning landscapes in North America.

If you get the chance, we recommend this trip – the Alaska Highway, the Northern Rocky Mountains, the Dempster Highway and the Top of the World Highway were all highlights. I don’t normally take many landscape photos but I couldn’t really help myself on this trip, the views were just too nice not to photograph. Pretty sure by our last day Heidi had enough of all the pull-overs we made. Still, these pics don’t really do any justice to what you see in person. You have to experience it yourself.

PS – 99% of these shots were taken either out my car window or just off the highway. It goes to show you just how scenic this drive is. Enjoy!

Our route: South-West from YK to the Mackenzie Hwy to the Liard Hwy. South to the Alaska Hwy (British Columbia). West to Whitehorse to the Klondike Hwy, north to Dawson City. Turn around and come back.

Bison on the Liard Highway.

The Liard River at Blackstone Territorial Park.

Tetsa River.

Stone Sheep.

Toad River gas station, only $1.59/litre!

Over 8,000 hats in the Toad River restaurant.

Aquamarine river – not sure why the colour is like this.

The Liard Hotsprings (under construction).

Nugget City, population: this sign.


Whitehorse walking trail.

Friends Katharine, Terry, Arthur and Wilbur’s home at Marsh Lake, Yukon.

Our cozy accommodations at Marsh Lake.

Stewart Crossing, Yukon. This is the food store, in case you were wondering.

Northern flair.

Best stop on the Klondike Highway.


Near Dawson City, along the Klondike Hwy.

Dawson City, Yukon.

Dawson storefronts.

“The Slide”

Dawson-style graffiti.

Today’s menu.

The Yukon River.

The Top of the World Highway – really tough to capture how epic these views are. The highway literally runs at the top of a mountain and overlooks mountains everywhere. It was a bit nerve-wracking driving so close to such a steep drop.

Weird photo. The sun was partly out and shining on the trees in the foreground while all the mountains in the background were in the shade. Looks like a bad Photoshop job!

The Dempster Highway at Tombstone Territorial Park. We missed the fall colours by a few days but I like these with the snow.

Tombstone range.

Tombstone Territorial Park.

Saw RV’s from California and as far away as Florida.

Back at Moose Creek for breakfast, heading back to YK.

Heidi, super-pumped for her bacon and eggs.

Five Finger Rapids.

Free Gold Road, Carcross, Yukon.

Forest fire area, Klondike Hwy.

Lake Laberge.

Northern Rockies Lodge, Muncho Lake, B.C.

Muncho Lake flight sked.

Float plane on Muncho Lake, photo taken with iPhone.

Restaurant at Northern Rockies Lodge, most of woodwork and carvings – including the huge map on the wall – all custom made. Yellowknife really needs a place like this.

Cabins at Muncho.

Northern Rockies along the Alaska Hwy, photo by Heidi Kane.

Near Toad River.

Our deer friend (get it?)

View along the Alaska Hwy.

Lori & Stephen

3 Sep

Lori & Stephen, near Yellowknife

My friends, Lori and Stephen, asked me to photograph their wedding and I was pretty honoured they did. It was a small, intimate, last-minute wedding – very simple, yet very “Yellowknife”: head out on a boat just off the shore of Yellowknife Bay, then off to dinner at Le Frolic, and cap the night with Stephen’s band 3 Across Dee Eye (and of course, keep the drinks flowing!) I really had a great time with some awesome company. Here’s a few photos from the day – a stunning September 1st here in The Great White North. Thanks to everyone, especially the bride and groom, for having me on board. Congratulations and cheers to both of you!

Mayor Gord for Up Here Business

21 Aug

Here’s my last cover shot as staff photo editor/photog for Up Here Publishing. Lucky to shoot such a good guy and mayor. Thanks Gord and have a happy retirement! The issue (and feature story) hits newsstands within the next 10 days.

Gordon Van Tighem on the cover of Up Here Business magazine.

A Day in the Life: Mayor Gord Van Tighem for UHB

1 Aug

Yellowknife Mayor, Gordon Van Tighem.

Well, here is my final cover assignment as staff shooter for Up Here Publishing. Me and Associate Editor, Chris Windeyer of Up Here Business, were asked to follow Mayor Gord Van Tighem for a day and get a sense of his working life before he rides off into the political sunset. He’s been Yellowknife’s mayor since 2000 and will not be seeking re-election this fall. I believe his plan is to spend time with his family, fish, hunt, go boating, travel and re-paint his 1951 Chevy. A much deserved break for a good guy who’s served his community well.

Our day with the mayor was a good indication of how busy the job is: his schedule took us from City Hall, to impromptu meet and greets with locals, to luncheons with business folks, to TV interviews, to fundraisers, and finally, home. A special thanks to Gord for allowing us to hang out with him all day. And another special thanks to my coworkers at Up Here – its been a hell of a good time and a pleasure – you guys will always get a special photo discount after I become super famous and filthy rich.

To all of you: be sure to pick up the September issue of Up Here Business and read Chris’ profile. Thx!

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