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2013 Year and a Few Months In Review

25 Dec

Let’s try this again shall we (sorry for the technical difficulties). *Note: resolution not formatted for full-screen viewing. Watch HD Version here.

Well, that was fast. A blur really. Is it a sign of old age when the years fly by? At any rate, I can’t believe we are at the doorstep of 2014. When anyone asks me what kind of work I’ve done this year, I can’t really put my finger on it: a little bit of everything I suppose! And I mean that! Being a professional photographer in the North means wearing many hats. Some days I’m a commercial photographer, other days a photojournalist, a wedding photographer, a portraitist, a landscape shooter, fine art photog, quick and dirty news stringer, event shooter and everything in between. In this business, in this part of the world, versatility is key and it certainly has opened some big doors for me this year.

Above are some photos taken in the last 16 months. This is my first full-year as a freelancer after working as a magazine staff photographer for 8 years. It was a very tough decision to leave a secure job and jump into the void but I’m thrilled I did, and to be honest, kind of wish I did it sooner. As a rookie in the freelance world, I’ve been incredibly lucky. It is not easy to find work in photography, period, let alone make it a full-time gig. For that, I’m incredibly thankful.

To my clients, thank you for giving me the creative freedom to do what I do and inviting me to be part of your team and family. Some assignments that stick out for me this year are:

– an 8-page feature in Canadian Geographic on the GNWT’s trapping program.

– being hired by Outside the Cube as official photographer at the 2013 Yukon Quest, “the toughest race in the world”.

– pitching, shooting, writing and designing the Our Yellowknife campaign for The City of Yellowknife

– working with Venture Publishing in Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewyan.

– commissioned for various photo assignments for EdgeYK magazine.

– working with The Hotkey Marketing Group to promote “Destination Deline”.

– creating and launching True North Photos, an online image collection and collaboration with some great friends/Northern photographers.

– publishing my first book: “North”

So what’s in store for 2014? You might notice a few branding and marketing tweaks over the next few months (ie, new website and hopefully a new workspace), but really, my main goal is to constantly produce great ideas and images for my local clients, and to be an ambassador for Canada’s North though my national work.

Thanks again to everyone for your support this year, and have a wonderful 2014!

Pat Kane Photo for Alberta Venture Magazine

12 Jul


A photo I took of Allan Adam, chief of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, was published in this month’s issue (July 2013) of Alberta Venture magazine’s 50 Most Influential People in Alberta. I first photographed Allan Adam in 2009 and again just last month. He’s not really one for the camera but he always is generous with his time.

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