Bullocks Bistro

8 Jun

Main entrance, Bullocks Bistro

Yellowknife’s most notable fish and chips restaurant, Bullocks Bistro, is a staple for any visitor and a good measure of the city’s colour. It sits as a quirky beacon of flair in Old Town, just across from the historic Weaver & Devore store. Got a note from Maclean’s magazine to snag a few photos of the place, rumoured to be used as part of their Royal Visit edition hitting newsstands June 9th.

No confirmation that Will & Kate will stop by for some famous Great Slave Lake whitefish, but I chatted with owner Sam Bullock who told me an interesting story: back when he was 16 years old, he was assigned to take another 16 year old British kid on a fishing tour near Wool Bay. “He was just another guy my age,” Sam says. “We had a great time and shared a few fishing stories. I was introduced to him as Andrew, but I didn’t realize until after that he was a prince.”

Turns out, that experience struck a chord with the Royal Family as the restaurant is a favourite stop among visiting royals. Maybe Will and Kate will stop in and sign their name on the wall?

Sam Bullock co-owns the restaurant with wife, Renatta.

Chef Andre Dorais preps some pan-seared whitefish and muskox stew.

Katherine Laidlaw, Ryan Lair, Lee Christiano and Michael Ericsson stuff their faces.

It doesn't look like much, but it tastes like an angel just punched your mouth.

One Response to “Bullocks Bistro”

  1. Michael Werboweckyj December 14, 2013 at 10:23 pm #

    Thank you ! I spent a summer working outside of town and had a fine time with all these wonderfull Individuals. Great people make a great place!

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